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Tillandsia crocata


Tillandsia crocata is a little gem of the family. Although it is only small it makes up for this in colour and sweet fragrance. The beautiful yellow petals and elegant fragrance are irresistible attractions. The name comes from crocatus meaning with saffron yellow. The plant grows saxicolously (on rocks) in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay at elevations of 90-2700 metres and forms an attractive clump. The plant may be simple or few-branched and the leaves are distichous (in opposing rows). The leaves are densely covered with coarse scales. Tillandsia crocata is easy to cultivate, requires bright light, needs to be watered regularly but needs to dry out between waterings. It will grow in a range of different conditions, is fairly tough and a great favourite. Acknowledgments to Paul Isley 111 and BSI Journal.

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