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 Meetings are held at the  Community Hall , Millwell Road  East, Maroochydore QLD 4558  –  (Unless otherwise indicated) –                  
 CLICK HERE  for Hall Location Map

N.B. Please have plants for ‘Popular Choice Segment’ in place by 1.30pm. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



Sat 21st March  –  CANCELLED

Sat 18th April Any Genus, Species, Hybrids

Sat 16th May Neoregelia’s, 200 & over

Sat 20th June Billbergia’s

Sat 18th July Neoregelia’s under 200

Sat 15th Aug Vrieseas – Foliage and other

Sat 19th Sep Guzmania, Goudaea, Nidulariums

Sat 17th Oct Aechmea’s, Canistrum’s, Portia’s, Hollenbergia’s Species and Hybrids

Sat 21st Nov Any Genus, Species and Hybrids not previously  covered.
Monster Raffle









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